Welcome to The Mountain Hermitage

Welcome to The Mountain Hermitage


The Mountain Hermitage is dedicated to the inner cultivation and outer manifestation of concentration, wisdom, lovingkindness, compassion, and peace.  This home for long-term spiritual practice, grounded in the principles of Theravada Buddhism, is based in the quiet and beautiful mountain area of Taos, New Mexico.

Many Mountain Hermitage retreats are for experienced Dharma practitioners; however, the Hermitage is now offering some week-long retreats open to both beginning and experienced students. All retreats are held in appropriate rented places in and around Taos.  The small group size at Hermitage retreats (usually a maximum of 18 students)  helps create a more intimate experience and easier access to teachers.

The Mountain Hermitage extends a special welcome and has established a scholarship fund to support Buddhist monks and nuns and lay Dharma teachers, as well as multi-cultural practitioners and other Dharma students who without scholarship aid would not be able to attend Hermitage retreats.

All who come to practice at The Mountain Hermitage will be honored and supported in their quest to awaken to the deepest truths and to manifest these truths in their daily lives.

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The Teachings of all the Buddhas…

“Avoid the unwholesome, cultivate the good and purify  the mind – this is the teaching of all the Buddhas.” This pithy quote from the Dhammapada encapsulates our task when we practice the Buddha’s teachings. It might be a short quote, but it seems like a lot that we...

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Marcia Rose Health Update – August 28th

The Mountain Hermitage’s beloved Guiding Teacher Marcia Rose is now under the care of her primary doctor and Mountain Home Health Care.  Her health is improving daily and still has a long recovery ahead of her. We know she would appreciate metta, good energy,...

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