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These are the Dharma talks and many of the shorter morning reflections offered at the April 2013 One-Month Hermitage by Marcia Rose and Annie Nugent. Follow the “older entries” link at the bottom for more talks from this retreat.

April 2013 Hermitage with Marcia Rose and Annie Nugent

Click HERE to listen to the Dharma talks and some of the shorter morning reflections from this retreat.



Marcia Rose (for biography, see Guiding Teacher page)


Annie Nugent has studied and practiced in the Theravadan and Tibetan traditions since 1979 under the guidance of a range of teachers including Sayadaw U Pandita, Tulku Akong Rinpoche and various western teachers. Annie was the resident teacher for staff at The Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA from 1999-2003, and has since taught elsewhere, including the annual IMS three-month retreat and The Forest Refuge. Her teaching style aims to reveal how our lives are opportunities to develop a clear understanding of the Truth.

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