2023 October 8 – December 17 Sunday International Sangha ONLINE Offering

Sunday International Sangha Online Offering



11 Week Course on The 10 Paramis /  The 10 Perfections

with Kristina Baré

Every Sunday from October 8 – December 17, 2023

(Oct 8, Oct 15, Oct 22, Oct 29, Nov 5, Nov 12, Nov 19, Nov 26, Dec 3, Dec 10, Dec 17)

ONLINE from 10 am – noon (Mountain Time)

You are warmly invited to join us for the Sunday International Sangha ONLINE Offering – 11 Week Course on the 10 Paramis with Kristina Baré, every Sunday from October 8 through December 17, 2023.  We will begin at 10 a.m. and conclude at noon (Mountain Time.)  Please find the corresponding time where you are currently living.

As dedicated Buddhist practitioners, we often ask ourselves how to practice outside of retreat. Outside of our formal mindfulness meditation practice, at work, and in our important relationships.

The 10 Paramis of generosity, morality, renunciation, wisdom, energy, patience, truthfulness, resolution, lovingkindness, and equanimity, offer a map for how to bring the Buddha’s teachings into our daily lives.  Step by step, we can cultivate these beautiful qualities of the heart-mind, in the midst of our busy lives.

In a well-known teaching, the Buddha said this path is good in the beginning, in the middle, and in the end.  Cultivating the 10 Paramis supports here-and-now wellbeing, as well as the deeper path to liberation.

In this 11 week course, we will explore the teachings of the 10 Paramis together.  With the support of spiritual community, guided meditations, formal teachings and shared reflections, we will deepen our own personal relationship with each of the Paramis week by week.  To support our shared learning, we are all encouraged to attend all the weekly meetings to the best of our ability.  If you are not able to attend a meeting, please let us know as soon as possible.

Marcia Rose and all of us here at The Mountain Hermitage are very grateful that Kristina was able to adjust her own teaching schedule to teach this online offering.  Marcia will do her best to join the Q&A sessions and it all depends on how her health is doing on that day.  Thank you in advance for your understanding and support!

Registration is necessary in order to receive the zoom link and related materials.  While it is preferable that you attend all 11 sessions, we understand that life happens.  Please let us know if you are not able to attend one or more sessions.  The sliding scale fee for this 11 week course participation is $45 – $200.  This being said, no one will be turned away from lack of funds and any amount over $45 is a tax-deductible donation.

This fee does not include Dana offerings to Kristina or to The Mountain Hermitage.  Kristina relies on Dana for her livelihood so please consider offering Dana to her.

Registration Form PDF – please print and fill this out, then mail it, along with your payment, to :  The Mountain Hermitage,  PO Box 807,  Ranchos de Taos, NM  87557

Or you can click on this Registration Form WORD DOC and fill it out on your computer, then email it to hermitage@mountainhermitage.org.

Once we receive your registration form, you will receive the zoom link, etc… Please join us ON TIME for these sits. The ‘virtual door’ will be closed very soon after we begin each sit.  Thank you for your interest in participating in the Sunday International Sangha offerings from Kristina!  We look forward to seeing you in October.

Kristina Baré is an insight meditation teacher, therapist, and Somatic Experiencing practitioner. She has trained primarily in the Burmese lineages of Ven. Mahasi Sayadaw and Ven. Pa Auk Sayadaw. She enjoys supporting students in deepening samadhi, loving-kindness and insight. Opening the door to an expansion of the heart and to liberating wisdom. In support of the Buddha’s teachings, she also draws on knowledge from western psychology and Somatic Experiencing. She invites a kind, patient, and embodied approach as a base for samadhi, loving-kindness, and insight meditation practices.

Kristina is being mentored by her primary teacher Marcia Rose, as well other insight meditation teachers to teach insight retreats at Spirit Rock in California and Insight Meditation Society, Barre, MA.

To give you a sense of Kristina’s teaching style, please click on the below link of a YouTube video interview with Kristina and Jon Kropp.

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