2018 An Eco-Dharma Workshop/Retreat

An Eco-Dharma Workshop/Retreat

with David Loy

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 September 7 – 9, 2018

Columbine Inn,  Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico

“We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separation.”
— Thich Nhat Hanh

“I came to realize clearly that mind is nothing other than rivers, mountains, and the great wide earth, the sun and the moon and the stars.”
— Dogen

These are challenging times. Problems such as global climate change, the proliferation of dangerous chemicals, and species extinction continue to worsen. In the face of these challenges, many of us are experiencing confusion, weariness and frustration, sometimes with a loss of purpose, apathy or even despair. The truth of dukkha (stress, suffering) is hard to miss. But we have our path. By developing wisdom and connecting with each other and the natural world, we can see more deeply, support ourselves more sustainably, and tap into new sources of energy and inspiration.

This unique Eco-Dharma workshop/retreat format encourages exploration of the ways that spiritual practice in nature can nourish an ecological and social consciousness based on caring, wisdom and compassion rather than on anxiety and anger. This 2 and a half day workshop/retreat is not a forum for policy discussion. It is a deeply personal exploration of what is meaningful and nourishing in your life. We will dive into the issues that we face daily: how Dharma relates to our individual selves, to society, and to the ecological, social, and individual emergencies on our beloved planet. We hope to strengthen our connection with spirit and nature while developing tools to face these issues with compassion and wisdom. There will be some periods of meditation both indoors and outdoors, but the focus will be on exploring together the ecological implications of the Dharma.

David Loy writes: “Does Buddhism provide any special insight into the ecological challenge? Do its teachings imply a different way of understanding the biosphere, and our relationship to it, which can really help us at this critical time in history, when we are doing so much to destroy it? And what does the ecological crisis imply about how we have been understanding and practicing Buddhism?



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This retreat is open to anyone interested in exploring these topics.  Some meditation experience is valuable but not required.  The retreat will be limited to 16 practitioners, so early application is highly recommended. Retreatants are asked to commit themselves fully to their stay. All business and family obligations should be taken care of prior to arrival so that practice and study can be uninterrupted.


David R. Loy is a professor, writer, and Zen teacher in the Sanbo Zen tradition of Japanese Buddhism. He is a prolific author, whose essays and books have been translated into many languages. His articles appear regularly in the pages of major Buddhist journals, as well as in a variety of scholarly journals. Many of his writings, as well as audio and video talks and interviews, are available on the web.

David lectures nationally and internationally, focusing primarily on the encounter between Buddhism and modernity: what each can learn from the other. He is especially concerned about social and ecological issues. He also leads meditation retreats. (To find out more about David Loy and his forthcoming events, see his website: www.davidloy.org)

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The Columbine Inn, in Taos Ski Valley, is a comfortable and super clean timber-frame lodge situated among tall pines at 9200 feet elevation in northern New Mexico’s beautiful Sangre de Cristo mountains. The bustling Rio Hondo flows just across the way and big horn sheep can be seen at times. The Mountain Hermitage will have exclusive use of the Columbine Inn during the period of this retreat, enabling us to provide the privacy, quiet, and sense of harmony most conducive to enabling a deep connection with Nature and Self.

There is a lovely meditation hall, indoor and outdoor walking/hiking areas, and full dining room. All of the rooms at the Columbine Inn include a private toilet, tub/shower and mini fridge. Many of the rooms are spacious enough to allow for sitting and walking meditation for those wishing to practice in a more secluded setting. Retreatants paying at full cost or above will have their own single room and bathroom, while those receiving scholarships or paying at the low end of the scale may possibly be assigned to share a large double room. Bedding, towels, and hair dryer are also provided in each room.

Information about transportation and what to bring will be sent to those accepted into the retreat in time for making travel arrangements and packing.

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Fees are on a sliding scale to allow you to pay according to your means. Our actual cost for this 2 and a half day retreat per person is $285. A portion of our scholarship fund is being allocated for this retreat to allow us to offer the low range on the sliding scale. Please pay as much as you are able, in order to allow others to attend who need to pay less. Any amount above $285 will be gratefully received and treated as a tax-deductible donation.

Sliding Scale Fees:
$ 235 (low)     $285 (actual cost)     $357 (benefactor)

If you need scholarship support, some additional funds are available. Please fill out a scholarship application form and send it with your application form, specifying how much you feel you are able to pay.

Anyone paying below actual cost may be asked to share a room with another person requesting scholarship aid.

The Mountain Hermitage will gratefully receive donations to our scholarship fund to enable those in financial need to attend this retreat. Donations are tax-deductible and should be marked ‘Scholarship Fund’.

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The retreat fees only cover basic expenses and operating costs. The teachers offers the Buddha Dhamma without any set fee, and totally depends on DANA – on the generosity of their students and benefactors – for the support of their daily life needs.

DANA, an ancient Pali word meaning generosity, giving, or gift, is central to the 2,600-year-old tradition of Buddhism. The teachings of the Buddha have been offered freely since the time of the Buddha. There was and is no way to put a price on the teachings of the truth – they are valuable beyond any fee one could set.

At the end of the retreat, envelopes will be provided for you to offer Dana to the teacher. Giving to the teacher from the heart, whatever feels appropriate, is the practice of Dana. You may also wish to offer Dana to the staff or to the Hermitage itself to support operating expenses or future scholarships.

Another way to support the Hermitage is to donate all or part of the cost of a meal during the retreat.


Your fees for the retreat will be used to pay for: rental of the Columbine Inn and attached expenses; other general retreat expenses; a retreat cook; a small stipend for the retreat manager; a small parsonage to the teacher to help cover ongoing home expenses for the duration of the retreat; and teacher transportation.

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Please send your deposit with your application. The deposit is: $75.

The deposit will not be banked until your registration is confirmed and will be applied to the total fee for those accepted to attend. The deposit will be returned in full to those not accepted, or to those who are on a waiting list at the time that the retreat begins.




The full deposit must accompany your application, even if you are requesting scholarship funds. No monies will be banked until you are accepted in the retreat. The balance of the retreat fee is due when you arrive for the retreat, or you can mail the balance to us in advance. If possible, we appreciate you paying the full fee (deposit plus balance) at the time of application or on acceptance, as this improves our efficiency. However this is not necessary.

Please pay by check or money order in US funds, drawn on a US bank. We cannot accept foreign cash or bank drafts, but we can accept international money orders in US dollars.  We are sorry that at this time we are unable to accept credit cards.

Checks/money orders should be made payable to THE MOUNTAIN HERMITAGE.

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Cancellation fees apply to all confirmed registrations.

Cancellations received on or before August 3, 2018: your deposit will be returned minus a $25 cancellation fee.

Cancellations received on or after August 4, 2018 (including non- attendance at the retreat): your deposit cannot be refunded. If you have already paid the balance, then that balance will be refunded minus the $ cancellation fee/deposit.


In the event of specific, unusual emergency circumstances, the cancellation policy can be discussed with The Mountain Hermitage Office Manager after the retreat is concluded. If you attend the retreat but for some reason decide on your own to leave early, the deposit and balance you have paid cannot be refunded to you.

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Anyone interested in attending the retreat must have read this document. Then, complete the Application Form and Waiver of Liability, attach your deposit, and mail to: The Mountain Hermitage, PO Box 807, Ranchos de Taos, NM 87557.

Applications and deposits are requested by August 14, 2018. Late applications will be considered on a space available basis. Applications will be accepted only by mail, not by phone, fax, or e-mail, because they must be accompanied by the appropriate deposit.

Incomplete registrations, including those without sufficient deposit, will be returned for completion.

Each application will be carefully reviewed. In some cases, a personal or phone interview will be conducted with the teacher prior to determination of suitability for this type of practice. All applications are processed by date received. We will respond within two weeks from receipt of your application.

If your application is not accepted for this retreat, your deposit will be returned.

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Places are limited to 16 practitioners, so early application is advised. Once the retreat is full, you will be notified and placed on a wait list, and we will contact you if a place opens up. If it does not, then your deposit will be returned.

If you are placed on the wait list and you then cancel your registration before a space has become available, your deposit will be returned.

If you are placed on a wait list and are unable to attend the retreat, please let us know immediately. As long as your name remains on a list, we assume you wish to attend. If a space becomes available, we will automatically confirm your registration. Once you are confirmed for a retreat, you are liable for applicable cancellation fees if you subsequently cancel.