The Buddha on Joy-Happiness

The Buddha on Joy-Happiness

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Live happily,
free from hostility,
even among those who hate.

Live joyfully,
free from misery and affliction
even among those who are afflicted.

Live happily,
free from the trouble of busyness
even among those who are busy.

Live joyfully,
like those who have nothing
feeding on rapture
like the shining ones.

Winning gives birth to hostility.
Losing, one lies down in pain.
The calmed lie down in peace,
having set winning and losing aside.

There’s no fire like lust
no evil like hatred,
no pain like disharmony,
no happiness like the happiness of peace.

Greed, the primary sickness,
Delusion, the primary pain.
Knowing this truth, just as it is,
freedom, the primary joy.

Health, great good fortune,
Contentment, great wealth,
Trust, great kinship,
Freedom, the greatest happiness.

Look within,
taste the nourishment of seclusion,
of stillness and calm,
freed from fear and attachment,
refreshed with the sweet joy of the Way.


How joyful to see the Awakened,
always happiness
in the company of the wise.

Endless grief for those
who commune with a fool,
as traveling in company with an enemy.
Joyful is communion with the Awakened,
as with a gathering of kin.

Follow the Awakened, the shining ones,
the discerning, the learned,
dutiful, loving, and wise.
They know to work and forbear.
Follow them,
as the moon follows the path of the stars.

Saying by the Buddha on Joy-Happiness in the Dhammapada. This is from a composite of
various translations compiled by teacher Marcia Rose.

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